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Who We Are:


Our Past

During his tenure at U.S. Risk as a surplus lines broker, Dennis Borne identified a significant gap in the insurance market, particularly concerning the specialized needs of medical professionals. Motivated by a desire to establish a trustworthy partnership with medical professionals, Dennis founded MedPLUS LLC in 1997. His vision was to create an insurance agency that consistently prioritized the best interests of its clients. Since its inception, MedPLUS has experienced consistent growth, solidifying its position within the medical professional insurance industry. The firm prides itself on its robust portfolio of loyal clients, some of whom have been with the agency from the start. We are committed to fostering and maintaining strong client relationships, ensuring daily that we meet and exceed their expectations.


Our Present

MedPLUS is distinguished by its provision of cutting-edge, comprehensive medical professional liability insurance solutions, partnering exclusively with financially robust carriers that boast A.M. Best Ratings. With a collective experience exceeding a century in the insurance industry, our firm stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. Although we are renowned for our specialization in medical malpractice insurance, our services extend to encompass general liability/property, business auto, workers' compensation, disability, health, and life insurance, ensuring a holistic approach to your insurance needs. Our team of certified professionals is committed to a collaborative approach, keen on understanding your unique coverage requirements, addressing any concerns you may have, and offering expert guidance on navigating the complexities inherent in the medical profession's insurance landscape.


Our Future

As we progress into the future, MedPLUS is poised for continued expansion, solidifying its standing within the medical community both in Texas and across the United States. Our unwavering commitment to ethical integrity and client satisfaction remains at the core of our operations. Ensuring your satisfaction is not just our priority; it is our mandate. Our goal is to cultivate enduring partnerships with our clients, supporting them throughout their medical careers and beyond.


For further information about our services or to discuss your specific insurance needs, we invite you to reach out to us at 866.995.1842 or via email at

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After completing his academic journey in the late 1970s, Dennis embarked on a pioneering path by entering the reinsurance sector—a move uncommon for recent college graduates at that time. His career journey then took him to the surplus lines agency domain, where he led the management of an office in Houston, further broadening his expertise and perspective within the insurance industry.

The invaluable insights gained from his tenure in reinsurance underwriting and surplus lines significantly shaped Dennis' understanding of the global insurance landscape. This deepened perspective was instrumental in founding MedPLUS,  a comprehensive insurance agency, dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the healthcare sector. MedPLUS specializes in healthcare industry services, underscored by a steadfast commitment to high ethical standards—a principle that guides the operations to this day.




Pete completed his academic journey at Denison University in 1979, setting the stage for a distinguished career in the insurance sector. His professional path commenced with Chubb Group, where he honed his skills as a Commercial Lines Underwriter in Pittsburgh, PA, before taking his expertise to San Antonio, Texas, serving in this capacity until 1984.

Seeking new challenges, Pete transitioned to Fireman’s Fund the Home Group, where he elevated his career to the role of a Senior Underwriter. This experience paved the way for his tenure with CNA Insurance Companies starting in 1997, where he embraced the responsibilities of a Commercial Supervisor until 2004.

Embarking on a new chapter, Pete ventured into the retail sales aspect of commercial business. Since then, he has specialized in writing Professional Liability, among other commercial and benefits policies, leveraging his extensive background to serve a broad spectrum of client needs.




Karen, a seasoned Property & Casualty agent, brings more than two decades of expertise in professional and general liability insurance. Her career is distinguished by a robust foundation in customer service and an extensive understanding of the healthcare sector. This unique combination of skills and knowledge empowers Karen to adeptly tailor insurance solutions that meticulously align with the coverage requirements of her clients.

Originating from Louisiana, Karen's passions extend beyond the realm of insurance. She harbors a profound affection for culinary arts, delighting in both cooking and baking. When not immersed in ensuring her clients' peace of mind through comprehensive insurance strategies, Karen cherishes the moments spent with her family—her husband, children, and grandchildren—embracing the joy and fulfillment they bring to her life.




Sonji Daniels is a Licensed Business/Commercial Insurance Professional. Born and raised in Texas. Sonji has been with the MedPLUS family since 2014. She enjoys helping clients and guiding them through their questions and choosing the perfect insurance plans for their company. Her area of expertise includes workers compensation coverages, property coverages, general and professional liability coverages. 

Outside of the office, Sonji values family life and dedicates her time to her daughter Ashley and granddaughter Zoey. Her hobbies include traveling, dance choreography, interior design, reading, and home improvement projects.

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